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Real Estate Espresso Podcast

Listen to Wes Hill on the Real Estate Espresso Podcast with Victor Menasce.

How to Build a Successful Multifamily Portfolio

Wes Hill joins Christina Suter and Bronson Hill in Pasadena, CA to give a talk on How to Build a Successful Multifamily Portfolio.

7 Points to Real Estate Investing

Tim Edwards speaking to a group of multifamily investors in Pasadena, CA with Bronson Hill

7 Points to Real Estate Investing (cont.)

Second Part of Tim Edwards talk to multifamily investors at an event on Pasadena with Bronson Hill

An Insightful Article from National Real Estate Investor

The Continuing Case for Apartment Rentals - In spite of fears of a slowdown, apartment rentals will continue to see outsized demand for a long time.

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Rent Control Does Not Work

Rent control does not work. That’s one of the most settled issues in economics, one widely accepted across the ideological spectrum. Yet politicians continue to peddle rent control with seemingly willful ignorance.

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What does economic evidence tell us about the effects of rent control?

Steadily rising housing rents in many of the US’s large, productive cities have reignited the discussion whether to expand or enact rent control provisions. Under pressure to fight rising rents, state lawmakers in Illinois, Oregon, and California are considering repealing laws that limit cities’ abilities to pass or expand rent control.

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A lower homeownership rate is the new normal

Our new analysis, released today, reveals that the homeownership rate in the U.S., which has been declining since the housing boom, will continue to decrease for at least the next 15 years. The reason is simple: in the millions of new households forming over the next 15 years, new renters will outnumber new homeowners

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