Meet The Team

Randy Schiff - Multifamily Asset Advisors


Randy Schiff has been a saver and investor since he was 18 years old. After graduating from California State University, Chico, he started his career as an Investment Advisor with TFR, Inc., in San Francisco. In 1995, with $6,000 cash and a loan from a client, he bought and renovated his first multifamily property. Since then, Randy has been involved in over $90 million of transactions as principal, built 22 homes, and renovated hundreds of apartments and houses.

Randy has owner-operated his portfolio for over 25 years progressively consolidating much of it to larger holdings. He now has ownership in a $70 million portfolio with properties located in California and Oregon. His focus is on value-add holdings and his current goal is to own or have equity in 1,000 units.